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Cardiac Boot Camp

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Cardiac Boot Camp PictureCardiac Boot Camp™, A Sub Acute Cardiac Conditioning & Education Program

AristaCare at Whiting is the best choice for cardiac post-hospitalization strengthening and conditioning. It is one of the only facilities with a comprehensive emphasis on cardiac rehabilitation in a sub acute setting.

AristaCare at Whiting’s flagship program is Cardiac Boot Camp™. Our high caliber cardiac rehab program is comprised of a multidisciplinary approach, including cardiologists, physiatrists, nursing, rehab, therapeutic recreation, pharmacists, nutritionists, chefs, and social workers. These disciplines work together to bring about the most progression possible for the cardiac patient. This all-encompassing program is followed carefully by all the departments as a team to ensure the best results. Each cardiac patient is enrolled in the program upon admission, and is empowered with the most comprehensive cardiac education, as well as expertly rehabilitated with targeted cardiac rehab and specialized recreation therapy. Our nurses, CNA’s, rehab team, and therapeutic recreation staff are all thoroughly educated and certified in cardiac care. Cardiac patients at AristaCare at Whiting are kept very busy. They are enrolled in our highly organized education program which thoroughly encompasses all areas of recovery they need to learn and master to ensure a healthy future, post-cardiac episode. Our education program includes diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, stress management, and a full course in how to prevent future cardiac episodes and the onset of other diseases that are more likely to occur in cardiac patients. By the time cardiac patients leave AristaCare’s Cardiac Boot Camp™, they are thoroughly educated in their illness, prevention of future medical problems, and possess the lifestyle changing tools they need to live the healthiest lives possible. Most importantly, they are optimally strengthened and conditioned so they are ready for a healthy active life and/or any outpatient post-op cardiac rehabilitation that may be prescribed.